Terremerse is always vigilant and ready to respond in a timely and accurate manner to the requests of its members and customers, providing them with useful tools and services. In addition, the Cooperative serves as a bridge in order to structure and make accessible those services that make work easy for agricultural enterprises and enhance its partners’ entrepreneurial character.

In order to meet the growers’ needs to correctly fill in the ‘Quaderno di Campagna’ (Farm Notebook), in a national context in which the burden of bureaucracy often bites, Terremerse has been organised to provide an ad hoc consultancy service customized and calibrated to each company’s discrete needs: “Farm Help Desk”. A team of expert professionals for the preparation and drawing up of the Farm Notebook, which is able to provide assistance for filling in the document and so much more than that.

Terremerse offers its members the possibility to subscribe to a Savings Passbook (loans from cooperative members to the cooperative) with multiple benefits, including: interest rates with very favourable rents on demand and time deposits, invoices setoff, receipts and payments, etc., everything at no cost. In addition, Terremerse provides consultancy and promotes conventions for the access to the most suitable financial instruments to finance the production cycle and to support the investment of the associated agricultural businesses.


  • Campaign current account
  • Advance on contribution
  • Confirming
  • Financing for purchases of technical equipment and products by Terremerse
  • Business Loan
  • Unsecured or mortgage loans

For the purpose of information and dissemination, every two months the Cooperative publishes the Magazine called ‘Terremerse – territori e mercati in rete’ (Terremerse – territories and markets in network), a real work tool for agricultural entrepreneurs. The publication includes the current topics of greatest interest for the reference period: phytosanitary indications (protection and weeding), fertilisation, irrigation, focus on new products, news from markets and production chains, gardens, small farms, cooking. Distributed by means of postal delivery, it can also be read from the site, and it is available at the AppStore for iPad. Every year, Terremerse – through the activity of its own Research & Development department – prepares sectoral essays that are aimed at elaborating upon and illustrating the agronomical and economic aspects of certain crops, in order to summarise, in a sector related logics, all the useful indications.

  • Spring Grains Special
  • Autumn-Winter Grains Special
  • Fruit & Vegetables Specials