R & D


Innovative projects and ideas for the agrifood sector

Research & Development

Thanks to the possibility to benefit from the contributions of our own Research and Development operation, we can provide our members and customers with exclusive and upto-date information, which translates into: Technical Lines in compliance with maximum costeffectiveness from the point of view of production costs in relation to the results that can be obtained.


Experimental Research and Test Facility

Our experimental research activities are designed to yield improvements in crop and fruit production, using the techniques and products that innovation makes available.


The Test Facility operates according to quality principles,in order to ensure correct field experiment data on product efficacy, pursuant to Interministerial Decree no. 37529 of November 27, 1996. Experimental efficacy tests are carried out in accordance with the principles of Good Experimental Practice (GEP).

  • Protection and feeding protocols
  • Experimental tests on new formulations
  • Agronomic techniques optimization
  • Selection of varietals
  • Publication

Technical assistance and training

  • Technical seminars and meetings
  • Corporate consulting
  • Demonstrative activities