Plant engineering, drainage and irrigation systems


Instruments to enhance and protect the value of crops

Plant engineering, drainage and irrigation systems

From the design to the construction of plants, from technical support to after-sales assistance, Terremerse offers a “turnkey” service, in order to enhance the yield of crops and, therefore, the agricultural entrepreneur’s revenues. A wide range of products and a large spare parts warehouse enable to meet the multiple and various requirements within a constantly evolving sector, analysing the real needs of plants in relation to the specific grounds and paying the necessary attention to water saving and sustainability.


  • Consulting and estimates
  • Study and design of plants
  • Construction of plants with materials from the leading brands
  • Technical support with specialised personnel
  • After-sales services
  • Large spare parts and equipment warehouse

Main products

  • Hail protection nets posts
  • Galvanized and stainless steel wire
  • Accessories for vineyards, fruit farms and plants
  • Accessori per vigneti, frutteti e impianti
  • Monitoring control units
  • Pumping and filtering stations
  • Stations for sewage irrigation
  • Pipes
  • Drip lines
  • Micro sprinklers
  • Fittings
  • Automation systems for plants
  • Humidity monitoring tools
  • Pivot and lateral plants
  • Pvc pipes
  • Pipes coated with coconut fibre
  • Pipe fittings
  • On-field surveys and quoted plans processing

Main commercial brands