Selected raw materials and artisanal processing revaluing the fragrance and the naturalness of the ancient flavours, brought back to the taste of contemporaneity


The Meat Processing Centre of Terremerse specialises in the processing and curing of meat, fresh and cured charcuterie and hams, for the retail and wholesale markets.

10,000 square metres for a Processing Centre equipped with advanced production technologies and the most important plant (BRC, IFS) and process certifications (ISO 9001), which guarantee extremely high quality references and high healthiness standards. Part of the energy needs is met thanks to a photovoltaic system covering an area of around 600 square metres, which is able to produce 83,000 KWh per year with a power of around 74 KWp.

Main products

    • Light Line: a right balance between meat and fresh vegetables and a reduced fat content; ideal products for those who watch their figure, without saying 'no' to some delicious meals.
    • The Classics: the timeless and most demanded meat cuts, already prepared with condiments that exalt their taste.
    • The Specialties: a line that proposes Italian local typical dishes, following ancient recipes and flavours.
    • Gourmet Line: tasty meat-based preparations following recipes with carefully selected fresh ingredients of great value that guarantee fragrances and a handmade touch.
    • Grill Special: the ideal complete line for barbecues.
  • HAMS

Main brands

principali marchi carni terremerse borgobuono
principali marchi carni terremerse comacar

Macelleria COMACAR

In Voltana di Lugo (Ra), where the Meat Processing Centre of Terremerse is located, there is a large point of sale open to the public. Fresh meat, cured pork salted meat and a large number of gastronomy products obtained from selected raw materials and guaranteed by the professionalism of expert butchers and counter staff.


Ham factory

Production capacity of more than 160,000 hams per year, entirely automatised by means of the complete robotisation of the hams movement. Large storage rooms to salt down the hams and curing rooms, assigned to the care of highly specialized personnel guarantee high quality hams.