Grain & protein foods


Side by side with growers to cultivate quality

Grain & protein foods

Terremerse follows up its producers from production planning to marketing, including collection, storage and drying, monitoring the entire process. Thanks to this, we can be the partner of leading players, such as: pasta and children products manufacturing companies, mills, feed-stuff factories and oil industries, in order to fully enhance the value of the products of members and customers.

Terremerse agrees with the processing industry as regards the promotion of the producers’ adherence to the regulations and specifications of the most important companies in the sector, guaranteeing constant supplies in terms of

  • volumes;
  • specific quality characteristics;
  • traceability and certifications of productions, according to the principles of sustainability and food safety.

Terremerse increases the value of the main grains paying particular attention to the development of organic products, providing assistance to its members in terms of spreading the most advanced agronomical techniques, collecting the product in new plants with specific structures for collection and storage.

Terremerse works in order to:

  • Ensure the best profitability to growers on the reference markets, by means of an integrated service that comprises:
  • Orient the crops, supporting the evolution of the end market demand with offer plans that can incorporate the most suitable characteristics in order to enable the best results in terms of revenues from production.

All this appealing to:

  • flexibility and diversification of the commercial management activities, promoting, in particular, the annual contribution, which enables to place the product on the market in the most suitable times and modes;
  • increase of the product value when it is received and during the storage phase, through the qualitative separation of individual productions;
  • organisation of the logistics and transport services, during the collection phases.

Our main Value Enhancement lines

  • High Quality Durum Wheat
  • Baby Food Line Durum and Soft Wheat
  • Biscuit-Industry Soft Wheat
  • Barley for malting
  • GMP+ Certified Sorghum


  • UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 soft wheat, durum wheat, barley traceability
  • Compliance certificates 834/2007 storage and sale of organically-grown cereals at these establishments: Filo d’Argenta (Fe), Massa Fiscaglia (Fe), San Giovanni di Ostellato (Fe), Bagnacavallo (Ra),Sant’Alberto (Ra)
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 reception, drying, conservation and delivery of protein cereals at these establishments: Filo d’Argenta (Fe), San Giovanni di Ostellato (Fe), Sant’Alberto (Ra), Massa Fiscaglia (Fe), Ravenna (Ra)
  • 2BSvs Std. 01 the collection, storage and marketing of sunflower and soybean in the plants of:  Burana (FE), Brazzolo (FE), Filo d’Argenta (Fe), Jolanda di Savoia (Fe), Massa Fiscaglia (Fe), Ostellato (FE), San Giovanni di Ostellato (Fe), Filetto (RA), Sant’Alberto (Ra), Ravenna (Ra), Ceresara (Mn), Sansepolcro (Ar), Giove (TR), Sant'Ippolito (Pu).
  • GMP+ B3 trading, harvest, preservation and delivery of sorghum in the plants of: Massa Fiscaglia (Fe), San Giovanni di Ostellato (Fe), Ravenna (Ra)

Main conventional and organic products

  • Soft wheat
  • Durum wheat
  • Paddy rice
  • Barley
  • Maize
  • Sorghum
  • Soybean
  • Sunflower
  • Rape seed
  • Protein crops

Traditional or silo bag storage

Along with traditional vertical steel silos, Terremerse’s silo bag storage system allows improving product preservation, both financially and qualitatively. The advantages of this competitive and flexible storage system are:
  • low plant and management costs;
  • low environmental impact;
  • natural CO2-conversation of the stored product;
  • differentiated storage, even for small quantities, intrinsic qualitative characteristics, improving the ability to meet client requirements and ensuring the necessary standards.

Photovoltaic system and clean energy

The Grain Centre of Massa Fiscaglia is fitted with a photovoltaic system covering an area of more than 1,000 sq. m, which is located on the storage warehouse roofing and is able to produce an overall annual energy of around 150,000 kWh, with power of around 142 kWp. Thanks to such system, the Centre can be energetically independent for 2/3 of its needs, thus considerably reducing fuel consumption and the emission to the atmosphere of both substances that have a polluting effect and substances that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Grain collection centres

grain collection centres