Customised support, thanks to the expertise of cultivation consultants and the distribution capillarity of its points of sale


Agrosupplies for Terremerse means expertise. Expertise because Terremerse can count on the contribution of its Research & Development department and a network of consultants that enables to draw the experimentation results near to production, offering customised support, adapting the knowledge acquired to each individual need and using up-to-date Technical Lines.

Main products

  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Sowinh seeds
  • Feedstuffs
  • Garden products

The benefits of the Technical Network

Terremerse works with a team made up of more than 50 technicians and consultants, who represent the maximum integration point of the Cooperative. As a matter of fact, the Network is the instrument by meansof which we transfer to the agricultural businesses the technical and commercial information, orienting producers towards the use of products and the adoption of guidelines that guarantee an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Distribution capillarity and storage potential

Terremerse completes its ability to cover the territory with about thirty points of sale disseminated across Italy and a centralized Goods Distribution Centre, offering wide-ranging distribution, great storage potential and service within the reach of members and customers.

Know how

  • Sale of agronomical and animal nutrition products
  • Technical network qualified for the protection of crops with reduced application of phytosanitary products
  • Points of Sale
  • Plant Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage
  • Research & Development
  • Technical-agronomical, organic and integrated consulting and assistance
  • Assessment of costs and customised cultivation planning
  • Agricultural waste collection
  • Organisation of technical update meetings

Main commercial brands



Agronomica 3.0

With Agronomica 3.0, a dedicated web portal developed by Terremerse, we process agro-weather data to support farmers in managing their crops. With the portal, the protection of the environment evolves towards the implementation of irrigation, nutrition and defense measures, thus improving yields, and food production quality and safety. The system allows predicting the onset of major adversities. The portal is best utilized for highly safe integrated as well as organic food production, certifying deployed techniques and inputs to consumers.



  • Standardise productions over the years
  • Reduce cultivation costs
  • Maximise the use effectiveness of agronomic inputs